Sponsorship Opportunities

Whole magazine


What you get:

Full page advertisement back cover or inside front cover

Free editorial

Coverage in editor's message

Free advertisement on web site

Sponsorship of more than
one issue or all 12 issues:
By negotiation


Section sponsorship


What you get:

Half-page advertisement

Free advertisement on web site

Editorial mention


Sections include:

Crop of the month

'How-to' article


Advertising rates

Back cover


Inside back or front cover




Half page


Quarter page


Eighth page




Series discounts up to 25%




Full colour throughout

Initial size: 24pp


Advertising in Your Allotment 

Following our closure at the end of 2014, no further advertising can be accepted for Your Allotment. The details on this page show the advertising terms that applied when we were publishing, but please disregard them.

Our options ranged from full-page display advertisements to highly affordable eighth-page panels and classifieds.

We also offered sponsorship, which could be for the whole magazine or individual sections.


Regional coverage

Initially Your Allotment covered a group of north London boroughs, but in due course we aimed to expand our reach by franchising other local groups to develop versions of the publication in their area. We hoped to syndicate advertising to cover these additional areas.