Marcia at her allotment

About Marcia MacLeod

Marcia was born in Maryland, USA in 1948. Her parents were not interested in gardening, but she does vaguely remember an aunt having one of the last remaining Victory Gardens, serving her strawberries they had picked together that morning, which she thought was extraordinary.

A summer working in London while a student in the 1960s convinced Marcia that this is where she wanted to live. Her first taste of growing anything was in the garden of a house in Brockley in South London, but moving from flat to flat didn't really lend itself to growing anything other than a career. Marcia's other hobby - horses - also played its part, because they are as time consuming as an allotment and a lot more expensive, leaving little time or money for anything else.

A few years ago, noticing the flowers people grew in window boxes and then reading about people growing vegetables in containers, Marcia decided to try herbs in window boxes at her garden-less flat. It worked, and when she gave up riding a few years ago, she began to wonder if she could get an allotment. Lawrence Street, Mill Hill, came up trumps with a quarter-plot, and another allotment convert was born.

When not working on Your Allotment, Marcia still writes on other subjects: horses, home shopping, freight and distribution, IT. She is on the London committee of the British Horse Society and is a volunteer usher at both The Roundhouse and Union Chapel.